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2024 Strategic Plan


*Target specific industry sectors that capitalize on our natural resources, core industries, growth opportunities and infrastructure needs. 
*Foster partnerships and collaborate with high education in SLC to promote and encourage job creation, workforce development, trade and technology. 
*Help existing workforce development efforts to deliver programs and strategic partnerships that address business community workforce needs.
*Small Business programs, services (training, networking, and recognition) 
Success Indicators: 
1. Primary jobs gained
2. Average Salary of jobs gained.


*Chamber will have a stronger, more diversified business climate, programs, and events will have more indigenous diversity and fostered growth. 

*Advocate for balanced, responsible, and honest development. 

*advocate for the needs of business at the local, and state level.

*Advocate for initatives that work to recruit and retrain talented workforce. 

*Nuture local and state partnerships to address our challenges, achieve legislative successes and improve our regions economic success for indigenous businesses and individuals. 

*Expose members to ideas and models of success from other communities and initiatives.


Success Indicator:

1. Legislative accomplishments


*Deliver outstanding customer service. 
*Market the value of chamber membership to members and the business community. 
*Identify and educate small and disadvantaged businesses regarding value - added benefits that come with membership. 
*Provide valuable professional development opportunities and problem solving support. 
*Make a referral program that rewards members for providing successful leads.
*Host a golf tournament as non-dues income project and opportunity to network.
*Monthly events to offer members networking opportunities and boost member recruitment and retention.
*Host and coordinate indigenous nonprofit roundtable and women's roundtable to help members build relationships and promote networking inside and outside of their organizations. 
*Groups provide an opportunity for sharing common issues, solutions, and brainstorm new ideas. 
Success Indicators: 
1. Get 200 Members corp and state.


*Conduct ourselves with our values, policies and mission statement.

*Walk the talk of respect honesty and trustworthiness. 

*Manage staff and volunteer succession planning for the health of the organization.

*Improve the exposure and professional reputation of the chamber. 

*Provide stable and long term funding for the chamber and its initatives via an expanding membership base, non dues income, private sector funding for economic and community development programs. 


*Plan annual meeting

*Monthly Newsletter all members and businesses in SLC.

*Monthly Calendar.

*Update website and social media sites. 

*Pitch business and chamber articles to the media, newpaper, podcasts, television, radio, magazines, and other online media. 

*Schedule Visits to regional media centers to pitch stories on SLC businesses in partnership with key community leaders and ad agencies. 

*deliver media packages to local media providing them with information about the chamber and available resources on going, as needed. 

Community and Governmental Affairs

*With input from chamber members and community partners, identify legislative and community priorities by convening key community partners. 

*Seek collaboration on an agenda that is strategically focused on the community long term economic health for indigenous and diverse communities. 

*Survey membership on priority issues.

*Strengthen local, state and federal elected officials understanding and support for chamber initiatives. 

*create a lobbying trip in the future

*Collaborate with other chambers in support of key business community issues. 

*Host meetings regularly with reps of SLC; city, county, chamber, government, administrative staff meetings, congressional staff meetings, chambers of economic development activities (city counsel, county, commissioners)

*Host periodic meetings with area chamber leaders from SLC to encourage dialogue and cooperation. 

*Host receptions and events that strengthen relationships between chamber members and all local/state/federal elected and appointed officials. 

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